Fear/Phobia  - Sarah

"I was honestly a bit nervous and skeptical about hypnosis to treat my life time fear of flying,  Vicki quickly made me feel at ease and I was amased that after only 3 sessions I was rid of this awthful phobia which had a huge negative impact on both me and my family for many years.  I just wish I had sought help earlier, now I can travel anyway which has given me a sense of freedom and confidence, thank you so much"

Anxiety, stress and Insomnia -Teresa


"Vick has helped me change my life around.  When I first went to see her I was coming out of a very difficult relationship, I hated my job and was extremely stressed, anxious, worrying about everything and feeling exhausted as just couldn't seem to sleep.    I'm now feeling back in control of my life and feel so much happier.  I really enjoyed the hypnotherapy sessions, it was deeply relaxing.  Understanding how the brain works was so helpful and I still listen to the cd as it keeps me positive and happy.  I would highly recommend you to others, thanks"

Smoking - Simon


"After being a smoker for most of my adult life, I had begun to despair of ever really quitting smoking.  I used patches and gum for a while but only seemed to have the will power to stop for very short periods.  That all changed after just one session about a year ago.  The treatment was swift, effective and relaxing and I'm proud to say that I'm officially a non smoker, thanks to Vicki's help."

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