To gain competitive advantage many sportsmen and women, at all levels, are turning to hypnotherapy for sports performance to keep them focused and at the top of their game.


It has often been said that sport is 80% mental, however, only a small percentage consider training their minds.


Regardless of the sport, hypnotherapy can expand and boost an individual’s mental approach to their respective discipline by helping them to relax, boost confidence, eliminate anxieties as well as increase concentration, motivation and focus.


As far back as the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne, the Soviet Union utilised a team of eleven hypnotherapists and they finished top of the medal table.


Since then, as well as Olympians, a whole host of other sports have recognised and used the power of hypnosis. The list is long and includes competitors from the world of golf, cricket, boxing, football, tennis, cycling, archery, swimming, diving and horse riding.


Successful and top performing athletes control their state of mind and therefore possess a psychological advantage.


How can hypnotherapy help sports performance


Hypnotherapy for sports performance will:


  • enable peak performance

  • provide a positive mind set

  • increase your confidence

  • reinforce self-belief

  • increase motivation

  • break through mental blocks and barriers

  • eliminate anxieties

  • enhance your concentration and focus

  • maintain competing in the zone

  • eliminate returning from injury concerns

  • dramatically increase endurance

  • program sports success

  • alleviate pre-competition nerves

  • develop mental stamina

  • preserve composure in the most competitive situations

Sports Performance 

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