What is Hypnotherapy

Modern clinical hypnotherapy is a safe and very effective treatment for changing unwanted behaviours, attitudes and thought processes.  


Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective method for making positive and permanent life changes. 


Unwanted patterns of behaviour such as smoking, over-eating and phobias can be eliminated effortlessly and naturally.


Hypnotherapy can also improve your quality of life by dealing with issues such as low self-esteem, anxiety and stress.  It can boost your self confidence allowing you to face life with a renewed, positive outlook. 


You could look forward to social gatherings, feel in control of your exam nerves or excel at public speaking.  You can feel great about the way you look and be happy just being you.


Its a very natural, calm and relaxing experience that we can all enjoy and benefit from.


Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy is very effective in bringing about change in your life and you will be surprised at how quickly this can be achieved. It is a very positive therapy and focuses on ways to move forward, rather than looking back at what has gone wrong.


Solution focused techniques are used for long lasting results based on proven neuro science research, CBT, NLP & mindfulness.


The use of trance


The great advantage of Hypnotherapy is that it makes use of the trance state, a state that we are all very familiar with. Trance brings both your conscious and subconscious mind on board and focused on the same goal.


We go in to and out of trance many times a day - when we're cycling or driving to work in Bristol, when we're watching Television and even while you are reading this webpage. In fact we go in to a trance state when we are doing anything that requires our concentration.


In a clinical setting a trance state is induced by a Hypnotherapist using guided imagery, stories, metaphors and suggestions which changes unwanted patterns of behaviour and puts you back in control of your life.  In this relaxed state, your mind is more responsive to suggestion.  


Clients often comment about how “ordinary” Hypnosis feels - it’s not unlike daydreaming – you can often hear everything that is being said whilst in a deeply relaxed state. You'll go away after the hypnotherapy session feeling much more relaxed than when you came in.


Frequently asked questions


What is hypnosis?  It is an altered state of awareness in which your subconscious mind is more open and therefore receptive to suggestions made.  We drift in and out of different levels of awareness many times each day.  For example, you are in a trance like state when you are driving whilst day dreaming.  Or when you are doing the ironing whilst watching the television.  You can do these things without even thinking about them.  

Can anybody be hypnotized?  Yes, but only if they want to be. 

How will I feel? Some people say they feel very light as if they were floating, others feel very heavy but most people agree it’s a pleasant sensation of extreme relaxation. 

Are there any side effects?  Only good ones!  You will feel relaxed, energised,  and positive about the reason you sought hypnotherapy.  It is totally natural. 

Will I be asleep?  You will be aware of everything that is happening and being said.  However, because you are so deeply relaxed you may find yourself drifting into different levels of awareness.  Your subconscious mind will be active throughout and it is this that I will be working with.

Will I give any secrets away?  No.  You won’t say or do anything you don’t want to .  If you were given suggestions that you didn’t agree with you would come out of hypnosis. You will hear everything that is going on and nothing will happen without your consent.  Your therapist is there to provide a safe and supportive environment for you so you can relax and benefit from the changes hypnotherapy can bring to your life. You will also be given a free cd or mp3 to download on to your phone if you prefer.

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